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Seek No Approval but your own...

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Soze Squared

seek no approval but your own...

Soze Squared

Be you. Be Originally Different.

Soze Squared

25/8... on a different type of time.

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Soze Squared represents hustle, passion, and determination.

We are a lifestyle brand - a culture and community of highly passionate and self-driven individuals who believe success happens when hard work meets opportunity.

"Seek no approval but your own..." 

Product Reviews

Brand Alert! I love the styles on Soze Squared!!! The shirts don't shrink, and everyone always ask where can I get one of those 25/8 shirts. I Love what it stand for hardwork and dedication.  More people should wear this brand

Janae W.

Dope Brand! I'm really feeling the 25/8 camo shirt. I ordered it a few days ago. It's comfortable and fits great just the way I like it. Definitely ordering another one soon... I got Soze!!! 

Demarcus B.